The European Network on Monitoring Antisemitism was established in 2023 and consists of European Jewish and non-Jewish civil society organisations from various european countries.

ENMA has developed a common methodology of low threshold, victim-oriented and scientifically standardised monitoring of antisemitism. ENMA aims to introduce its approach across Europe and therefore welcomes new member organisations to the network.

Working principles

Scientifically sound documentation of antisemitic incidents:

  • ENMA categorizes antisemitic incidents according to the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism, the IHRA Working Definition of Shoa Denial and Distortion.
  • ENMA documents all forms of antisemitism, regardless of the political background of the perpetrators.

Low threshold and victim-oriented reporting of antisemitic incidents to member organisations:

  • Reports can be filed online, via e-mail or phone. Face-to-face counselling is also possible in certain cases.
  • Anonymous reporting of antisemitic incidents is always possible.
  • The attendance to the needs of victims is at the centre of ENMA. The perspective of those affected by antisemitic incidents is paramount.
  • Reporting persons also receive information about psycho-social and legal support offers as well as assistance in filing a police report.
  • ENMA member organisations are approachable for all walks of Jewish life.

A unified standard in the documentation of antisemitic incidents by member organisations:

  • Employment of a qualified and regularly trained staff, that documents antisemitic incidents and provides counsel to those affected.
  • Monitoring, documentation and comparability of antisemitic incidents according to a common codebook of categories.
  • The documentation and categorisation of verified incidents is carried out using a GDRP compliant database software, developed and provided by the Bundesverband RIAS. The software was rigorously audited by security experts.

Sensitisation and education about antisemitism:

  • ENMA member organisations are in constant exchange with European and national authorities, with the goal of educating, sensitising, and encouraging law enforcement agencies to pursue antisemitic hate crimes.

Member Organisations

The Bundesverband RIAS (Federal Association of Department for Research and Information on Antisemitism) from Germany, the Reporting Centre for Antisemitism of the Jewish Community Vienna from Austria and the Jewish Association Czulent from Poland are the founding members.

The Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea (CDEC) and the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic (Federacežidovských obcí v ČR – FZO) are associated members of ENMA.

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